“Love” The Word That Women Are Really Want 

Love is a need that people should have in order to make their life colorful. If people remember, when they were a child, they have a boy friend and that is what we call as “Cinta Monyet”, and it is not a truly love, indeed. Start when people change to be adult, they will try to find theImageir soulmate, make a serious relation then bring it into marriage. Everyone should be happy when that kind of moment come into their life, but as a real life which is not every single moment will be a happy event, there is sometimes people should receive sad moment which makes their hurt and some of people can be suicide because of “Love”. One thing which men have to know that women are really sensitive about their feeling, women can love their couple more than what men think. Men should love women too sincerely, do not hurt them and leave them to choose another girl because it can hurt their feeling. When women hurt by their couple, sometimes it can make them do not have a willingness to love someone else anymore. If men serious and give all of heart to love their woman, it can bring a peacefully and happiness for woman. If you as a man, when you read this blog then you will know what women are look like. When you go around and have dinner in a romantic restaurant  with your partner , do not doubt to hold her hand and say I love You because it is a fact that you are really love her. Anywhere, anywhen, and anytime say “I Love You” and see what will happen next.    

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Nusantara “Archipelago”

DImageefinition of the archipelago. Etymologically, the word “archipelago” is composed of two words, “homeland” and “between”. If peeled from the word for word, the word “homeland” in Sanskrit means the island or archipelago. Meanwhile, in Latin, the word “homeland” is derived from the words of Martin Bernal nesos which can mean the peninsula, even a nation. Bernal was referring to the statement; the word “homeland” also has a common sense of the word nation in English that means the nation. From this it can be concluded that the word “homeland” can have two meanings, namely the islands and the nation.
The second word is “between” has parallels in the Latin language, in and terra meaning between or within a group. “Between” also has the same meaning as in English the word inter meaning between (between) and relationships. While in Sanskrit, the word “between” can be interpreted as the sea, across, or outside (as in the Pledge of meaning Patih Palapa at Gadjah Mada of the Majapahit Kingdom). From this it can be concluded that the word “between” has meaning, that is between (among), relationships, across, and the sea.

From the explanation above, the incorporation of the word “homeland” and “between” being the word “archipelago” can be interpreted as the islands are separated by the sea or the nations which are separated by the sea. The meaning of the first statement can refer to the entire region of the world. The second statement can also be developed again, the word “archipelago” has similarities with the word “international” (international) which, when peeled from the word for word into inter or between or sea and the nation or the nation. So the word “international” (international) can be meaningfully separate nations by sea or could also mean the relation between the nations of the world.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the notion of “archipelago” shift in the meaning that is understood as the name of a region which is a continuation of the name of the Dutch East Indies. The name of those regions later known as Indonesia. Understanding at the beginning of the 20th century is then used as a reference for the Republic of Indonesia to refer to the unity that stretches from Sabang to Merauke as the “archipelago”. This is a geopolitical understanding that comes from the Kingdom of Majapahit and later used as a reference by the Republic of Indonesia to refer to parts of Indonesia.

A conclusion about the “archipelago” also applies to the whole kingdom / empire that ever existed or still exist today around the world. Kingdom / empire around the world are said to be the kingdom of the archipelago. It rests on a geographical boundary in which the entire land (islands) are separated by the sea, including in terms of the archipelago, so the kingdom of the archipelago have the same meaning to the kingdoms of the world.

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Identity of Indonesia

Indonesia is a unique country that consists of many ethnics with their manner and customs respectively. ImageNevertheless, the foundation of Indonesia is “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” which means even we are different but we are still together.  They also have several unique ways to solve their problem in an environment. The unique ways are musyawarah and gotong-royong.


Musyawarah is the way of people in an environment to solve the problem in term of to make new role and to make a decision. This way usually is used in small environment such as RT (rukun tetangga). In musyawarah, all people are in the same level and they can give any comment or opinion. Usually, vote is the way to decide which action as the best option. They solving the problem to discuss it until mufakat (deal with a decision and no one harm of the decision). In the fact, some companies in Indonesia are using musyawarah to solve their own problem.

Another action that very describing Indonesian is gotong-royong. Gotong-royong is the activity that does Imagetogether in order to reach a goal or a team work. Usually, they do this stuff when they are cleaning their environment in small area. In several small towns, they do gotong-royong to make a new house of people. Maybe, some people think if gotong-royong does voluntarily, but honestly it is not true, they do it because they think if they help people now, when they need a help they can get it too.

In a nutshell, musyawarah and gotong-royong is unique way of Indonesian people to solve their problem and to keep they are together in the differences. This two activities is become identity of Indonesia.

We are proud to be Indonesian people J

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Comfortable Are you…?

Be your self!! It is the popular quote in order to make yourself comfort, whoever you are. This quote is very common with our daily activities regarding with comfortable. Comfortable is enjoy, cozy, and fun AREImage YOU?

Comfortable each of people is different. Based on our opinion the comfort style before I wear a hijab is when I wear a t-shirt, hoodie, shorts, flip flop, and mini bag that contain of wallet. I feel so confidence to wear it whenever I go. Now, I have worn hijab. I often wear hijab, blank long shirt, jeans, sneakers, and backpack. Sometimes, I want to be more feminine then I wear long skirt. I deem if people will think that we are pretty or handsome when we wear our clothes confidently.

This is one of example our group Yunita. Based on her comfort is Style, it is me !!

As you can see at my picture, now i’m use hijab and i’m feel comfort by using that thing. I’m feel confidence when I use jeans, a pink clothe and hijab, and other accesories like necklace. Sometimes, I use skirt and high heel to make me to be more feminine and often I feel that people give their attention to me hehehe….

ImageBesides, I was feel comfort when I around the people who love and I love too like parents and friends. We share about anything, laugh, discussion, and sometimes we cry while talking about a sad thing. Probably it’s sound childesh but it is true. By sitting and talk together, it makes us know each other in depth.




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Yunita Elsa Prasanti (Uni)

Read !!

Then you will know who i am J


Have you ever know me ?? No ?? oke, let me show you. My name is Yunita Elsa Prasanti, but you can call me nita or elsa but, some of my friends call me unoi. It is sound funny, right ? but I like it, indeed. I am the only one daughter from couple Sarsanto and Ellen, I have a brother name Aryadita Ganang Pradana. I love my family so much, especially my mom who always care, protect, and love me full of her heart. I am the person who always want to create a smile for people around me, I wanna see them happy because of me. As a human being, I always try to make people especially parents and friends to be happy and comfort  when they are stand beside me. I am a cheerfull girl, whatever the condition that I feel, I will always smile and happy in front of parent and friends so they do not know what the thing that happen to me exactly because the sadness that happen to me, let it just minImagee. I was born on June 17th 1992 in Jakarta and my zodiac is Gemini. As a gemini girl, she have 2 kind of different personality and same as me, I have 2 different character. Sometimes I can be a nice people but I can be a boring people for my society too and if that thing happen, I just keep silent and ignore people around me but it does not mean that I am a bad person. I am the little child who really sensitive ; even though there is only a small thing, I can cry because of it. For example, if I see an animal like dog,cat,bear,etc which is hurt I can cry because of it. Maybe it is sound sloppy, but it is true. I love this world, I love people who can love me too and if there is people who hurt me, hopefully that feel  can change to be love for me.

This is me. The story about me that you can know. For everyone who read this, hopefully we can be a friend, a best friend. Follow me @nitaelstii or add Nita Elsasa then we can make a friend after.


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Hendra Kusuma (Indra)

Hello guys,

In this time I want to share something that actually you do not know, this is regarding with life. Okay first of all, my name is Hendra Kusuma, and you can call me Indra or some friends call me “Kambing”. I come from Malang East Java, two hours from Surabaya city. Okay let’s move on, what is actually that I want to share in this blog? Story that maybe not special and not interesting for you and also meJ. Yeah, this is just for fun story.  

Story began when I was move to big city, capital city of Indonesia. Jakarta, the big city, crowded city, and the beautiful city (I suppose beautiful, because we as society of Indonesia must love this city :P). Because of I got a like scholarship in private school in this town make me to move to Jakarta. Off course happy and feel sad mix become one, leave all of things from Malang is make me yeahhh… little bit sad. However, know I becomes “Agata” which mean “Anak Gaul Jakarta” J. Know, I’m a student of Sampoerna School of Business in 4th semester. At the first time my feel is shock culture, the different of situation, friends is one of example differences that must be I face. This situation make my study little bit uncomfortable, but I must “lets it flow” not make me stuck in this problem. Day by day, year to year, Alhamdulillah my GPA is increase, this make me always spirits to study.


In my opinion, life is like water. We must move on in order to get what is our goal. Like water, water is having goal which is ocean, but in way to ocean water something face an o

bstacle that disturb route of water. We must look for the solution to solve problem. Always sprit, keep prying and study to reach our Goal. …
Yeahhh… GANBATE     

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Eva Fahrizah

Hi bloggers,

I am Eva Fahrizah. The word of Eva is from ‘Eve’ that have meaning the first woman. Obviously, it is proper with me, because I am the first child in my family. As a first child, I always do the best thing to prevent the good name of my family and to guide my ‘naughty’ sister. The way that I take to maintain this is by analyzing my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to guard me in this gorgeous life.

The first, I should analysis myself internally; those are strengths and weaknesses that I have.  From that analysis, it can make me choose which side that I should to keep and just leave the worst one. Actually, I should really understand myself, because no one kImagenows who I am deeply except myself. I keep it mind all the good things that my parent told, one of it is Never lie!.  No one like lied by other, include me. Then, I set the trust is the highest point in a relationship. In contrast, I am quite selfish and do not care with other person feelings. It is really my weakness that should get rid. Besides that, I also should analysis the environment around me. The condition around me very influenced me. Thus, I should catch all the opportunities that can beneficial for me and strike the threats as hard as possible.

As a result, in order to survive in this hard life, I always analyze myself internally and my environment. If I knew and understood about those things, the actions that I take just keep the best and leave the worst.

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