Eva Fahrizah

Hi bloggers,

I am Eva Fahrizah. The word of Eva is from ‘Eve’ that have meaning the first woman. Obviously, it is proper with me, because I am the first child in my family. As a first child, I always do the best thing to prevent the good name of my family and to guide my ‘naughty’ sister. The way that I take to maintain this is by analyzing my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to guard me in this gorgeous life.

The first, I should analysis myself internally; those are strengths and weaknesses that I have.  From that analysis, it can make me choose which side that I should to keep and just leave the worst one. Actually, I should really understand myself, because no one kImagenows who I am deeply except myself. I keep it mind all the good things that my parent told, one of it is Never lie!.  No one like lied by other, include me. Then, I set the trust is the highest point in a relationship. In contrast, I am quite selfish and do not care with other person feelings. It is really my weakness that should get rid. Besides that, I also should analysis the environment around me. The condition around me very influenced me. Thus, I should catch all the opportunities that can beneficial for me and strike the threats as hard as possible.

As a result, in order to survive in this hard life, I always analyze myself internally and my environment. If I knew and understood about those things, the actions that I take just keep the best and leave the worst.

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