Hendra Kusuma (Indra)

Hello guys,

In this time I want to share something that actually you do not know, this is regarding with life. Okay first of all, my name is Hendra Kusuma, and you can call me Indra or some friends call me “Kambing”. I come from Malang East Java, two hours from Surabaya city. Okay let’s move on, what is actually that I want to share in this blog? Story that maybe not special and not interesting for you and also meJ. Yeah, this is just for fun story.  

Story began when I was move to big city, capital city of Indonesia. Jakarta, the big city, crowded city, and the beautiful city (I suppose beautiful, because we as society of Indonesia must love this city :P). Because of I got a like scholarship in private school in this town make me to move to Jakarta. Off course happy and feel sad mix become one, leave all of things from Malang is make me yeahhh… little bit sad. However, know I becomes “Agata” which mean “Anak Gaul Jakarta” J. Know, I’m a student of Sampoerna School of Business in 4th semester. At the first time my feel is shock culture, the different of situation, friends is one of example differences that must be I face. This situation make my study little bit uncomfortable, but I must “lets it flow” not make me stuck in this problem. Day by day, year to year, Alhamdulillah my GPA is increase, this make me always spirits to study.


In my opinion, life is like water. We must move on in order to get what is our goal. Like water, water is having goal which is ocean, but in way to ocean water something face an o

bstacle that disturb route of water. We must look for the solution to solve problem. Always sprit, keep prying and study to reach our Goal. …
Yeahhh… GANBATE     

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