Yunita Elsa Prasanti (Uni)

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Then you will know who i am J


Have you ever know me ?? No ?? oke, let me show you. My name is Yunita Elsa Prasanti, but you can call me nita or elsa but, some of my friends call me unoi. It is sound funny, right ? but I like it, indeed. I am the only one daughter from couple Sarsanto and Ellen, I have a brother name Aryadita Ganang Pradana. I love my family so much, especially my mom who always care, protect, and love me full of her heart. I am the person who always want to create a smile for people around me, I wanna see them happy because of me. As a human being, I always try to make people especially parents and friends to be happy and comfort  when they are stand beside me. I am a cheerfull girl, whatever the condition that I feel, I will always smile and happy in front of parent and friends so they do not know what the thing that happen to me exactly because the sadness that happen to me, let it just minImagee. I was born on June 17th 1992 in Jakarta and my zodiac is Gemini. As a gemini girl, she have 2 kind of different personality and same as me, I have 2 different character. Sometimes I can be a nice people but I can be a boring people for my society too and if that thing happen, I just keep silent and ignore people around me but it does not mean that I am a bad person. I am the little child who really sensitive ; even though there is only a small thing, I can cry because of it. For example, if I see an animal like dog,cat,bear,etc which is hurt I can cry because of it. Maybe it is sound sloppy, but it is true. I love this world, I love people who can love me too and if there is people who hurt me, hopefully that feel  can change to be love for me.

This is me. The story about me that you can know. For everyone who read this, hopefully we can be a friend, a best friend. Follow me @nitaelstii or add Nita Elsasa then we can make a friend after.


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