Comfortable Are you…?

Be your self!! It is the popular quote in order to make yourself comfort, whoever you are. This quote is very common with our daily activities regarding with comfortable. Comfortable is enjoy, cozy, and fun AREImage YOU?

Comfortable each of people is different. Based on our opinion the comfort style before I wear a hijab is when I wear a t-shirt, hoodie, shorts, flip flop, and mini bag that contain of wallet. I feel so confidence to wear it whenever I go. Now, I have worn hijab. I often wear hijab, blank long shirt, jeans, sneakers, and backpack. Sometimes, I want to be more feminine then I wear long skirt. I deem if people will think that we are pretty or handsome when we wear our clothes confidently.

This is one of example our group Yunita. Based on her comfort is Style, it is me !!

As you can see at my picture, now i’m use hijab and i’m feel comfort by using that thing. I’m feel confidence when I use jeans, a pink clothe and hijab, and other accesories like necklace. Sometimes, I use skirt and high heel to make me to be more feminine and often I feel that people give their attention to me hehehe….

ImageBesides, I was feel comfort when I around the people who love and I love too like parents and friends. We share about anything, laugh, discussion, and sometimes we cry while talking about a sad thing. Probably it’s sound childesh but it is true. By sitting and talk together, it makes us know each other in depth.




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