“Love” The Word That Women Are Really Want 

Love is a need that people should have in order to make their life colorful. If people remember, when they were a child, they have a boy friend and that is what we call as “Cinta Monyet”, and it is not a truly love, indeed. Start when people change to be adult, they will try to find theImageir soulmate, make a serious relation then bring it into marriage. Everyone should be happy when that kind of moment come into their life, but as a real life which is not every single moment will be a happy event, there is sometimes people should receive sad moment which makes their hurt and some of people can be suicide because of “Love”. One thing which men have to know that women are really sensitive about their feeling, women can love their couple more than what men think. Men should love women too sincerely, do not hurt them and leave them to choose another girl because it can hurt their feeling. When women hurt by their couple, sometimes it can make them do not have a willingness to love someone else anymore. If men serious and give all of heart to love their woman, it can bring a peacefully and happiness for woman. If you as a man, when you read this blog then you will know what women are look like. When you go around and have dinner in a romantic restaurant  with your partner , do not doubt to hold her hand and say I love You because it is a fact that you are really love her. Anywhere, anywhen, and anytime say “I Love You” and see what will happen next.    

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